Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Little knitting

I don't really knit, well I do knit I just don't knit knit!? Like from a pattern, I tend to just use what I know to produce what I want. But for a while now I've been wanting to knit myself a jumper and sadly I can't just whip one up from my head. I need measurements and wool length and well basically I need a pattern! I've collected a few but I refuse to start something that large scale until I can finish something smaller. 

Enter a pattern book borrowed/stolen from my mum and 


I have started and ripped back this very pattern 5 times! 5 that's like , well lord knows how many hours of knitting! And why? A multitude of reasons , I got bored , I lost my place, I lost my stitches, I'm a moron, I can't finish anything etc etc! 

So now how am I going to start a jumper for myself if I can't finish a little tiny one for a baby! 

So I began.... 

My cousins baby is due in two months and I'm determined this is going her way! (God I hope she's not reading this ) I will finish this jumper! I WILL PREVAIL! 

I hope..... 

Here's where I am now, I'm going for a nautical look of cream, blue and red, perfect for a baby of either sex. And luckily I have a new bag to cart my knitting round the house in 

Momma knitwits the bestest! 

So stay tuned for Frankie vs. Garter stitch  sweater 

Round 6 

This time it's personal 

Much love 



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