Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Threadcount 1604 Dress

There's only three pictures of this dress, and with good reason. On the day I took the pictures I felt ROUGH! and not even I've consumed a bottle of rose rough, just I'm ill rough.

In fact I felt so poorly I made my mum and dad bring me and lil man home early from their house and told my dad I didn't care about his new jacket. I do care dad! but unless you want me to collapse in your hallway I suggest you take me home and save this till next week!

Anyway this is view c from threadcount 1604, which came free in a copy of love sewing magazine. So far I've made the trousers and the skirt.

The fabric is from my shopping trip to abakhans in Hanley and has little unimpressed women's faces on it.

Its really cute, has good drape and for £2.50 a metre you can't really go wrong can you?

Im not quite sure what type of fabric it is? its very smooth, feels quite synthetic and has good drape?

The bodice is lined which is nice and helps to create the loose gathered effect at the front. Basically the lining is darted and then the main fabric is gather over the top. Now to be honest the instructions for the dress aren't awful but they are not exactly clear for example it wanted to do some sort of turning through the straps method but I think if I make it again I will just use the same method that's used for the lilou bodice.

anyway after the straps turning palava I just started winging it. It also had elastic at the waist, which isn't one of my favourite things to be honest but I cut mine quite loose so its comfortable. 

All in all I like it, and I think I might make another one, but I'd just use common sense to put it together and not the instructions. I had to take about 4 inches of the length as well so I should probably amend the pattern pieces. 
 Its not hugely fabric hungry though which is nice and all the pieces are cut on grain so you don't need to mess about with bias, but it does mean you need a fabric with good drape.

I like it, Its a nice dress and it was nice to try something new, its just not a WOW item. Its the type of thing you can just throw on with tights. In fact if it wasn't for the awesome print it might even be a little bit boring? That said I like it and I do keep saying I need to make more practical items and not just party frocks!

No yes I do like it, I think my cold is just making me fuzzy headed with regards to decision making. Its a nice style and looks cute. So yeah I probably will make another and its nice to make something that doesn't require a zip. Just 1 button and some elastic.

Much Love




  1. I love this fabric, unimpressed women's faces, who wouldn't want a dress with them on it?
    The dress looks lovely on you, I really like the drapy effect. Funny how you say you would wing it with the construction another time, I always feel a bit guilty if I do that, as if I cheating on the designer but sometimes they do seem to do things in an overly complicated way don't they?!

    1. I never feel like I'm cheating, I tend to like to find the easiest way of doing things! But I am pretty lazy! X


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