Sunday, 22 May 2016

#MMMay16 week 3

This really should have gone up yesterday but I was so busy it just didn't happen!

Day 15

Striped lilou dress, Pretty sure I wasn't feeling it this day and that lil man was being especially needy. also Miette cardigan!

Day 16

Mimi Blouse I had to change out of this halfway through the day because I did the washing up and got most of the water on me and was like oh hello bra!

Day 17

Delphine skirt, I still love this skirt but I am a bit nervous that its too short, I wore this to take lil man to the hairdressers which was an awkward experience to say the least [the hair dresser was crying, no idea why but she was]

Day 18

velvet circle skirt, In fact this was a full outfit repeat from the first week because I love how it all looks together! 

Day 19

GBSB blouse, love this blouse but I had originally wanted to wear a dress but I had terrible stomach cramps [insert sad feel sorry for me face here] Its also the morning after I played taxi driver to my father in law, brother in law and friend! So I was tired and in pain!

Day 20

My latest dress, princess seam bodice which an African wax cotton fabric, I like this and it held up to a days wear so I'm happy!

and as a bonus as I was cake baking I wore this!

a me made apron! I really want to make new ones of these for me and lil man but I'd like them to match!

and finally day 21!

This is a very tired picture I took late at night. Basically lil man woke up at six so I got up with him, then rikki got up at 9, we all had brews in bed, then onto asda for the big shop, then home, I cleaned the fridge and put the shopping away [I always clean the fridge before I put fresh shopping in] have dinner, wrap presents, get ready to go out, Meet everyone for 50th birthday meal,play in wacky, eat food, eat cake, drink wine, more wacky play, snuggle baby, go home, look at state of house, want to die. 

It doesn't seem like a lot but I had a awful headache so I spent most of the day counting down the minutes until my next painkiller!

But the cake I made went down very well! So that's a bonus! 

  Only 9 days left now!!!!

Much Love




  1. All good looks this week Frankie. I love the dresses and the GBSB blouse particularly. Play wacky? Wot is that?

    1. wacky warehouse, its like a big soft play and theres a pub attached!



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