Tuesday, 3 May 2016

9 Patch Taggy Blanket!

I kind of feel like becuase this took me less than an hour to make, its not really blog worthy. But it turned out cute so I'm going to subject you to it anyway!

Its is a really simple nine patch taggy blanket that I made using my own tutorial which you can find here

I won't go through the construction because its all covered in the tutorial but I only used fabrics from my scraps box and the ribbons are from my ribbon drawer as well. I tried to pick ribbons with different textures because I know babies like that kinda thing! Unseen is the back which was a scrap of soft red fleece! 

I quilted it very simply using straight lines. I might add the babies initial to the centre square when it arrives but it depends if I remember! Its going into a little gift basket I'm making for a baby that should be showing up around august? Anyway I've finished the making portion of the gift so now I just need to buy things.

In other news :

I brought a face powder that claimed to be translucent and now I look like I've been tangoed.

Litterally scared to leave the house incase someone mistakes me for a memeber of TOWIE! [which I don't watch! the kardashians yes but I draw the line at towie!]

Much Love



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