Monday, 30 May 2016

Beaded Hoop Art

This was one of those nice quick things that you do on the days when you just HAVE to make something.

I used my initial and just filled the entire space with beads, any bead I wasn't fussy I just grabbed a handful and stitched them on.

I think it looks pretty cute and Id forgotten how much fun it is to do things with beads, its surprisingly therapeutic.

In fact I'm tempted to do a huge silhouette cushion out of beads, ya know just for fun!

Might be a good excuse to use up some of my large collection of beads as well!!!

In other news I've started to schedule blog posts for when my Father In law goes on his holiday and leaves me to look after his ebay business. Which I actually sort of love doing! Its pretty mindless just looking at the order form, making the order up and posting it but its nice to have something to do sometimes, and its nice to use my brain for once!

In other news, fever has hit our household, yes currently both boys are holed up in bed coughing and sweating and snotting all over the place. I'm not feeling well either, but as the least wussy member or the house I've had to woman up and get on with life!

Much Love



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