Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Thoughts on #MMMAY16

Its over! There will no longer be a constant stream of selfies taking over my instagram [lol there definitely will be] and I have the complete freedom to wear anything from my wardrobe!

But what have I learnt from a month of wearing me made everyday?

1- I have more stuff than I realised:

I didn't actually have too repeat too many outfits this month, and usually I only repeated them because I loved the outfit itself not just out of necessity.

2- I have a good mix of clothes:

In my head I only make impractical dresses, But after wearing them they are not impractical they're just pretty! I've got quite a few skirts which is good and lots of dresses, I'd like to make a few more casual tops like my Cami one and maybe a few long sleeve jersey tops.

3- I definitely chose the right colour for my Miette cardigan

Being that it was my first "real" knitting project and the first time I'd actually spent money of nice wool that didn't put my teeth on edge. I was having kittens when It came to making the colour decision. Originally I was going to knit it in grey but the purple just kept looking at me [hypothetically of course, I was on-line shopping] and I ended up with that! Luckily for me It goes with 60% of my wardrobe and the other 40% can be worn with one of my other cardis.

4- I need warmer tights

Its not so bad now but when the weather was really chilly my poor legs were frozen on the nursery run. I've heard good things about fleece lined tights so it might be time to invest.

5- I need to make doubles of some of my favourite items:

Ie, the Cami top and my lightweight kimono top, Which means I need some lightweight sarongs, I've been dropping hints to my mother [who has a very large collection] but she's either ignoring me or hasn't picked up on them......... [trust me the way I hint, she's definitely picked up on them] So I might have a charity shop peruse and see what I can find.

6- I don't need to make "basics"

Its take me a while to come to this conclusion. For a long time I thought I only wanted to wear me made items including things like basic black tops and skirts. But I already have these things, and I tend to get a lot of these types of things given to me. So I think I've finally decided that I'm just going to make fun things that I wouldn't be able to get in the shops or that are too expensive in the shops. 
I mix, me made, charity shop, hand me downs and new stuff.... and I'm okay with that. 

This skirt broke in  the wash, the zip split and the back seam came completely apart. So now I have to fix it [sad face]

7- It might be worth upping my finishing game on garments

I realised I'm put off wearing a garment because the inside finish isn't great. Which is bizarre because I don't usually take my clothes off in tesco so I'm not sure how anyone will see it?

My finish isn't awful but I can definitely see room for improvement. I want to start adding my own labels, finishing my seams nicely, and doing a finish on my zip seams. Hopefully one day Ill have a lovely little over locker to do all this for me! [Prays to Jesus for over locker]

8 - My face is okay....

It was on day four that I was struck down with an eye infection that meant I had to take a break from contacts and get some.......[use tense music] 

After sulking and crying and generally being a bit of a child about it, I think I'm finally used to them.

I think part of that is the fact that I was taking daily selfies for me made may, which meant I had to get used to having a pair of glasses perched on my nose. And surprisingly I quite like them! To the point when my contact lens ban is finally up, I might go half and half and wear my glasses more. To be honest to only thing that's annoying me about my glasses at the moment is that they get wet in the rain [I mean seriously this isn't a problem we've fixed yet?] and that the steam up in the bathroom [Shaving without being able to see, now that's a party!]

8- Wearing me made makes me feel all kinds of SASSY!

This was sort of a weird one for me, to say I do worry about my seams popping whilst I'm wearing me made it does make me feel VERY VERY SASSY! I'm sure how to describe it, but its really nice to feel confidence in yourself because of something you've made! 

I think its the same as when you have your hair done and you step out of the chair and start walking like the love child of Heidi Klum and Beyonce because you are just all the fabulous!!!  

And that all of my thoughts on me made may!

Ive really enjoyed it this year and its really opened y eyes to what I'm wearing and what works!

If you want to read my weekly accounts you can find them here:

Much Love



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