Friday, 13 May 2016

Complete Dressmaking Skills - Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive this book from my Mum and Dad for Christmas and I thought I'd give a short review.

So the book is "complete dressmaking skills" by Lorna Knight and is crrently on sale on amazon for £13.48 , which is pretty standard for a dressmaking book,

So the good points:

Clear instructions, I have never been able to do a lapped zip until I read this book and then bam! Lapped zip central. Its currently my go to resource for sewing tip and how to's.

Extra content, Its comes with the details for online videos so you can see the skills being actually done by a person rather than relying on the words and pictures.

Clear sections, there are sections on pattern adjustments, hemming, seams finishes, closures and lots more so it really does talk about everything to do with sewing, It even covers embellishments like appliqué at the end.

It also has a few pattern making projects which I've been meaning to try!

Simple wording, Its a nice balance between not feeling like a school text book and not being overly conversational [conversation books are adorable the first time round but grow old fast when you want to find techniques quickly and textbook speak is just dullsville.

Bad points ;

Its not very contemporary, which isn't necessarily a bad thing its just means you have to use your imaginative when looking at some of the projects and ideas.

The video tutorials work via a QR code which means you need a device that can read QR codes, but usually your tablet or smartphone will do this.

Its doesn't come with patterns, the skinflint in me wants all sewing books to come with patterns, but that's because I'm cheap and nasty.

The prints a little small, that's me being really really picky but when I'm using it for reference when sewing I do struggle to find my place in the small print. But that could just be my eyes!

So would I buy it for myself? Yes easily, whilst theirs a large wealth of information on the internet its nice to have it all in one place.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, I can see if appealing to someone who's quite serious about improving their skills rather than someone who's just into up-cycling or customising clothes.

Do you know of any great sewing books?

Much Love




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