Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Snack Mat

Does anyone else clean all their worktops and tables and then mess them p by making a brew or eating? Just me? 

This little mat is to prevent that, actually that's a lie This project started because I wanted to try and get my sister on a sewing machine practising with a walking foot and this seemed like a pretty simple sew.

She did the outside edge and I did the middle later when she'd gone hone and added the bias binding.

It works quite well as a little mat to put my breakfast on, [yes I eat waffles I'm very continental like that, but because I'm not a proper gown up yet that's hot chocolate not coffee]

Its actually part of an effort to make my day run smoothly and make sure I get everything done that I want to. For example, I now monitor what I eat, this is an effort to stop me thinking a slice of toast and a bag of crisps is a main meal. I have a cleaning rota, this is so I have enough time each day for sewing but the house looks nice too, its not a weekly one though instead ours is on an eight day rotation like rikkis shifts! [can't hoover when he's on nights!] I have this mat so I eat breakfast in the morning [and check my emails] and then I do yoga after dinner with little man. Well I do yoga he takes the mick and giggles a lot. I feel very grown up having these things In place so my day runs smoothly!

In other news hay fever is hitting me pretty hard, but I'm getting used to my glasses I might even go as far as to say I like them!

Much Love



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