Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vintage Style Wrap Top!

So this make was inspired by this picture that I found on pinterest,  Its quite similar to the walkaway dress from last years sewing bee.  

The concept is that its really simple sewing and then your left with a finished garment and there's no need for those pesky zips or buttons. Sounds like my kind of project to be honest!

I saw a few different measurements on-line, but I personally made mine 34inch by 23inch. I think its real trial and error on what looks good on you. Originally mine was a good 8 inches longer and 6 inches wider but it was just too big.

Its actually pretty sweet, even if it is hard to photograph a white top against a white wall whilst I'm wearing it on my pasty white skin. Fabric wise I used a length of lightweight cotton from my grandmas stash, Its got little white flowers on it as well but you can see them on the images. I think the key to this project is finding the right material it needs a certain amount of drape for the sleeves but can't be too stretchy or your loose the wrap effect. I think this fabric is pretty perfect apart from the fact its a wee bit see through, luckily for me I own about 1million vest tops so I just chucked one underneath. 

I love the bow, that might be my favourite bit to be honest. Although it can be a bit fiddly to make sure everything's sitting nicely when its tied. I also love that's its got a modern vintage vibe to it. It doesn't scream vintage in your face, its more like "I might be vintage? or I might just be really chic and modern" 

To stitch it up I kept with the theme and sewed it on my Singer 99k, which I'm pleased to say ran as nicely as ever. Its a great machine even if it is a bit loud! The only issue I have with it is that their is no thread cutter on it anywhere! 

The sides are hemmed and the the bottoms are trapped in between the ties. The neckline is bias bound. Which wasn't as fiddly as I thought even if the bias binding was a bit stiff , hopefully it will soften up in the wash.

All in all I'm calling this a grand success and it was nice to make something simple and relax a bit. In fact from cutting out the putting on this can't have took much more than an hour? And bearing in mind it was sewn on a machine that only has one speed I don;t think that's too bad.

I'm not sure how often I'll wear it, but it might be nice for taking to the beach as a light cover up or I might even use it for yoga because it has lots of room for movement!

In other news!

I'm full of cold, and I'm pretty sure all of the pollen IN THE WORLD! has descended on my house to torture me!

and I'm watching the great british sewing bee pretty much all the time, I've even been watching the reruns! 

Much Love




  1. It turned out really cute. I think it looks better than the inspiration. Is it fussy to wear or does it stay put?

    1. I think if you tweak it to your own body it'll stay put the biggest bug bear I gave is that theback ties poke out, but that can be amended by shortening them x

  2. It turned out really cute. I think it looks better than the inspiration. Is it fussy to wear or does it stay put?

  3. I love this! Definitely going to try making my own :) x

    1. do It and let me know when you do Id love to see it!!!!!


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