Friday, 6 May 2016

The Beautiful Disaster Dress

When I first started blogging I promised myself this blog would be a true account of everything I made. The good. The bad and the Ugly. Now sometimes I stick to that and sometimes I don't, it depends on my mood, but I had to show you this because I still love it! It just isn't my dress!

Disclaimer ; I'm wearing sunglasses in this pictures......inside. yes I've become THAT person! But in my defence I have an eye infection [and no glasses looonnnggg story] and I haven't got any make up on so I thought screw it and threw on my sunglasses! I also wore these shopping today and got a series of withering looks from the elderly "In my day it was considered rude to wear sunglasses in doors!" 

Okay so I love the dress, Its beautiful and Oh momma wait until you see that back but there is a glaring issue! Well two actually,

Number 1 - The fit, stupid me decided to make this a racer back and kept trying it on with my bra and then oh my gosh go to take the pictures and lo and behold I need to remove my bra. And shock horror catastrophe the ummmm tatas "hang" slightly differently than when they have some support [I am entirely blaming lil man for this, seriously the things pregnancy did to my body is unreal!] Anyway whilst I don't feel that my unsupported bosom is incredibly unsightly, it does create a different shape. If your currently pondering your own tatas going "my boobs don't move when I take my bra off?" Congratulations, now stop wearing a bra your a waste of good underwire!

So that's point number one ....and possibly two as there are two of them.

Here's the back! Stupid little troublemaker, I think I ended up with fourteen buttons in total and Rikki had to put me into it [with minimal whining, I'm shocked actually he paused his game and everything!] This idea was inspired by Victorian gowns and was pretty easy to do, I just wedged fourteen ribbon loops between the lining and the outer fabric, and then sewed on 14 buttons, not fourteen matching ones because I didn't have fourteen matching ones that worked so I alternated between two sets, and I think its rather a nice effect! 

Anyway issue number 3 [yes I've decided to count my boobs separately] 

I made a dress the exact shade of my skin! The exact shade! Now my skin goes my many names some of my least favourites are white, off white, milk bottle, pasty and sickly.
my favourites are chinadollesque, pale and ethereal [seriously when an old man at the pub described my complexion as ethereal nearly asked him to marry me there and then]

Anyway I tried to hide this with accessories to break up the colour but sadly I think it means the dress just isn't for me [I'm actually worried that if people have the brightness set too high as they are reading this they might just think I've made a dress from my own skin.

This is sooooo posed it makes me vomit in my own mouth a little. But the dress looks pretty cute! Which means I don't know what to do, and boy do I hate not knowing what to do:

I love the colour
I love the back
I love the fact that its well made [its the shizz]


ITS THE SAME SHADE AS MY SKIN!!!! I look like I'm auditioning for the lead role in the silence of the lambs!

Oops forgot to mention any pattern details! the front and side bodice are from the princess seamed dress from the great british sewing be and the racer back is a redraft from the back piece of that bodice too. The skirt is just a simple gathered skirt. The fabric is some sort of poly silky stuff? and I inserted a short invisible zip below the buttons and you can't even see it! #winning

I mean I could keep it and see what happens, Rikki's already said he doesn't think its too bad, I mean I might get a tan? I haven't In 23 years but you never know.........

Or I can give it too my mother in law, BUT then I'll have to alter the bodice [which is fully lined eurgh] and the length... and I'm not sure I'm that nice?

So what do you think?

keep or ditch?

Much Love




  1. I vote keep!! It reminds me of those very sophisticated 1920's 1930's evening dresse, they were often that very pale colour and the women all had pale skins as ' one didn't go out in the sun'!!!!

    1. Oooh they were all quite pale weren't they! X

  2. OK here goes - brutality is forthcoming- Wear it with a short cardigan to break up the skin on skin colours, It looks a delicate fabric can you use a dylon machine dye - I have done that before but cotton works best and this is not cotton. Buy a bra from primark and adapt it to have racing back like your dress. The button on the back thing? ummmm! Leave the back as it is and add a side zip?? I once did that button thing on a top and lived in a flat on my own at the back of my dads house. I had to sleep in in drunk once and then get my dad to get me out of it in the morning!! A moment to remember at the age of 26. Jo x

    1. Haha that was pretty tame to be honest I went to an all girls school! I like the wearing a cardigan idea x

  3. It's lovely. I have the same bra issues now that I've had a baby. Goodbye old dresses. I think you can buy a little clip to make your bra a racer back or just use a safety pin. I'm in a similar skin boat and would try dye as well. Good luck.

  4. It's lovely. I have the same bra issues now that I've had a baby. Goodbye old dresses. I think you can buy a little clip to make your bra a racer back or just use a safety pin. I'm in a similar skin boat and would try dye as well. Good luck.

  5. Love the dress!
    1. Get a new bra- racer back or strapless or paste-on cups
    2. Color is ethereal. Love it and wear bright lipstick to channel the 30's starlet
    3. All those buttons?sexy. Your man put down the remote to help? He loves them too.
    4.Absolutely do NOT give to MIL.


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