Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another Duffel Bag

This isn't a cool make, it isn't an interesting make, but it is an angry make.

Ever since the 5p carrier bag charge came in I seem to spend most of my time trying to cram bits and pieces of shopping into my handbag because I haven't remembered my bag for life. 

Now I get it, 5p isn't a lot for a carrier bag, however when one of the stronger ones is 10p, then 5p for something that's gonna split halfway home soon starts to add up. So I would buy a 10p one BUT! I've been doing that since the law came in, and now I have more bags for life than I need. In fact my bags for life will probably last longer than my actual life. 

So since I've got 20 bags for life at home and don't really need another , I've been stuffing things in my handbag. And them my handbag broke......... and I lost it.

I reuse my carrier bags thankyou! I ranted quietly to myself at the till after begrugingly handing over 10p [via my card as I don't carry cash] and then I came straight home and made this so I'd always have a bag in my handbag.

Its just a really simple duffel bag, it ain't pretty, it ain't fancy but it does the trick.

I threw it together in 20 minutes of rage induced sewing whilst cursing the people who were simply throwing their carrier bags away after a weekly shop! Who are these people? don't they have packed lunches, and cat litter trays and dog poo to dispose of? DON'T THEY HAVE A CARRIER BAG CUPBOARD!??????  

Why did they have to ruin my recycling? I mean what's my child suppose to vomit into in the car? what will I use as a dirty clothes bag when I go on holiday? 

So yeah some RAGE sewing after my favourite handbag broke.

Much Love


P.S I think it goes without saying that I love the environment and obviously the plastic bag tax came in for reasons that go over my little head, but everyone I know reused them in very imaginative ways so.......... I guess I just don't get it! 



  1. Yup, it all makes sense environmentally but those carrier bags were my poo bags so I miss them. In fact I now have to buy white, plastic pedal bin liners, which are less than 5p.

    1. At least it helps the environment, but I still miss them x


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