Saturday, 28 May 2016

#MMMAY16 roundup week four!

Its drawing to a close! I've actually been really enjoying wearing me made clothes so far.... apart from this morning when I just felt like I had nothing to wear and couldn't really be arsed. Note to self: make more comfy clothes for chillin!

Day 22

Heman Lilou dress, not much to say really, its a fun dress but the fit on the straps isn't great [luckily I've amended the pattern piece now so I don't have this problem any more.

Day 23

Jersey dress and denim corset top,

Must make another dress like this! SO COMFY! loving the corset top but it does need some repair work doing to it!

Day 24

Refashioned shirts into shirtdress!

Damm did I feel sassy on this day, My hair was working the dress looked cute! we went to the shops! I had a pretzel! Great day and it really sold this dress for me!

Day 25

This is the day lil man conned me into letting me have a day off nursery because he said he felt poorly and I definitely felt poorly. I had a cute dress picked out but then I was hot and cold and snotty so ended up in this cami top. I also wore my sewcialist jumper a lot when I couldn't get warm!

Day 26

Faces dress, still felt poorly but went to my mum and dads so I could drop off his bday present [ And so they could feed lil man and so I wouldnt have to walk to nursery again] I was suppose to be helping to fix my brothers patchwork quilt but felt awful and ended up coming home early.

Day 27

Lil man and Big man catch my bug! HA! both of then spend the day feeling sorry for themselves I wore a knitted cardigan and an unblogged [So far] Delphine skirt in tartan!

Day 28

Pansy print dress [again] couldn't find anything to wear, ended up in this.

Much Love



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