Monday, 2 May 2016

Fabric Shopping Haul!

As I recently alluded in this post, I have been fabric shopping recently! So I thought I'd give you the skinny on what I brought and what projects I have in mind!

Stretch spandex - Over two metres? - £8.22

This is destined to become a wrap dress/jersey dress. I'm leaning towards wrap but their might be enough to do both, although is two similar dresses in the same print a faux par? 

Wool Check - 2m - I think around £10 in total? 

This is for a cape, although there seems to be a lot so I'm hoping to squeeze out a skirt as well. Hopefully. Although because I've never used this cape pattern before I'm going to make it up and the lining fabric first to check fit etc.

African Wax Print Cotton w/sparkly bits! Over a metre? - £3.50ish

I fell in love with this, hopefully I have enough for a dress but if not I'm thinking a skirt and crop top could be quite cute. [By the way, if anybody sees this fabric and worries about the sparkles washing off, they don't]

Daisy Print Cotton - 2m - I didn't write down a price for this woops!

This is going to be a.......Lilou, yeah I know your sick of it but I don't care! I wanna make a cute lilou!

Teal polyester lining - 1 metre? - under £3

Swirly Lace - I metre - around the £7 mark

This is going to become a Carrie Bradshawesque skirt, very full and ballerina like!

And I'm going to wear it to grown up events with some pumps and a glass of wine and feel very sophisticated and grown up. Then on the way home I'm going to ask Rikki to take me to McDonalds before I get hangry [ Hungry + Angry = Hangry] because really I'm a child......

Tartan - 1.5m? - £notaclue

Pencil skirt, to be worn with band tshirts, dark eye-liner and all the jewellery I own so I can feel like a little Vivienne Westwood.

I didn't buy this

I didn't buy this

Instead I brought this! 

Its some sort of drapey thing? 2m - £5.00 In total! this bad boy was on sale!

I have a dress in mind for this but mainly I wanted it because all of the little ladies faces look so unimpressed with just life. 

Poly Wool - £11.50

I have vague ideas of what this could be, But mainly I brought it because its the worlds most snuggly fabric ever! Its like hugging a teddy bear who's just had a bath and has blown dried its fur and it's sat there all warm and fluffy and cute.

So I'm thinking a cardigan or jumper and then I'm tempted to see if I can squeeze the worlds snuggest dress out of it, because omg the comfort! 

African Wax Cotton with sparkles - £3.11

No idea, a dress? or again some sort of sparkle crop top and skirt combo!

Gingham [large check] - 2m - £7? maybe? per metre?

A button front summer dress. Boom, done, wanted this fabric for a while! I much prefer a large check to a small one! 

Spandex Jacquard - £23.70 - 1.5m

My mum hates this but I was just drawn to it. I actually kept going back to see it!

I'm thinking either a box pleat skirt, or a shift dress but with a low scoop neckline. I think its beaut and surprisingly the first thing Rikki said when he saw it was "I like that one best" To be honest if I can I might try and squeeze both out!

and that's it!

I actually cannot wait to start sewing!

But they'll have to wait until I've finished the dress I'm making now. Which naturally is being the worlds biggest pain in the bum bum and needs the skirt and zip completely redoing! I'd have binned it but I LOVE the top sooooooo much!

Much Love




  1. I'm so jealous :-) i love the black lace the most. I used to shop at Abakhan Bolton and Manchester. Now about 2000 miles away so a bit to far to visit my fav shops. Cant wait to see what you make! Xx

    1. The black lace is one of my faves too, I brought it to help myself get over the 25 pound per metre lace that I loved x

  2. Looks like you have loads to keep you busy sewing and blogging!!! Looking forward to seeing your makes X

    1. I'm really loving blogging at the moment, for na while I thought I might stop but then I looked back at old posts and just loved seeing how far I've come! X

  3. Looks like you had fun. I notice they are selling Liberty Tana Lawn.......Love it

    1. Yes they have ba nice selection of liberty fabrics now, I quite liked none but some of them are a bit too twee for my tastes x

  4. I LOVE Abakhan! although I never seem to find any gems like the crazy ladies, must venture up soon to see if I can find it. Great post :)


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