Sunday, 29 May 2016

Tartan Pencil skirt, with Full Zip Back

Right so I have to start off by saying this skirt makes me feel all kinds of sassy. In this skirt I'm the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Joan from mad men.

I mean it fits, oh boy does it fit. To the point I'm like "is this actually to small?" and the little voice in my head goes "don't be daft Frankie! you ate most of your sons Easter chocolate, your still bloated from that massive bowl of pasta you just consumed and you don't NEED to sit down anyway!" 

Anyway I made this because I wanted to add a cool Viviene Westwood vibe to my wardrobe and because there's Scottish in my blood! What? something had to explain my deep love of whiskey and sing song! 

Anyway the fabric is from abakahns and the pattern is from the second Great British sewing book, But I added a waistband and switched out the short zip for a long exposed one! 

Well I say exposed.... exposed zips sort of leave me with a rashy feeling. I mean "why haven't you finished?" so its like a semi exposed zip, the tapes are covered but you can see all the gorgeous metal teeth as a nice contrast to the twee tartan!

and it goes the whole way down the back. Which was inspired by a ready to wear skirt I have that has a full zip down the front. 

Also can we please take a moment to appreciate the pattern matching across my bottom, yes stare at my bottom....see the print? awesome right! Its actually out by about 4mm but my bum looks all kinds of perky so If someone notices then they are not looking at the right thing! 

It also closes with a hook and eye as the top because I basically have to pour myself into this! [it really is a bit too tight!] and having it already closed at the top helps when I'm trying to pull the zip up with one hand and redistribute my bum with the other!  

Construction wise its pretty simple, front darts back darts, I French seamed the inside because this fabric frays like no tomorrow, and the inside waistband is slip stitched by hand. there is also two rows of stitching on the zip to make sure it can "cope" with the "strain"

Anyway I still think its a HUGE success and I actually cannot wait to wear it when some of this bloats gone!!!

Much Love




  1. Such a fun blog post - I was chuckling as I read it. And you look great poured into that skirt!!

    1. Haha some skirts you just have to be poured into x

  2. You rock that skirt. It looks fantastic. Love the full zip.


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