Thursday, 12 May 2016

2nd Ever Pair of Trousers

I don't make trousers very often, mainly because my style tends to lean more towards dresses and skirts and I only really tend to wear trousers in winter or if I'm not feeling particularly sassy and only if they're jeans.

This trousers are from the 5 in 1 wardrobe builder by threadcount patterns 1604 , which came free with an issue of love sewing magazine. I've already made the skirt here, and was really pleased with the style and fit.

Funnily enough I made these in the same fabric, what can I say now I can mix and match to my hearts content.

Now I was trying to emulate some of whatkatiesews casual, effortless trouser vibes. what I appear to have made is a pair of MC Hammer pants. But in an odd way I sort off don;t hate them? for one they are super comfortable and secondly they make me feel all kinds of bohemian like I should be living in Paris smoking cheap cigarettes, eating French stick, getting drunk on all of the wine and having loud passionate arguments with some bloke named Claude at three in the morning.

Anyway here's the details;

I cut a size 12 at the waist and graded up to a 14 at the bum/thigh area because mommas got a lot of junk in her trunk.

I also ended up tapering the legs in at the ends to create more of a peg look, this looks better than the original straight legs but doesn't have the same vibe as Kates.

The pattern calls for a mock fly zip, which is a new one to me. I couldn't quite get my head around the instructions so I you tubed it and managed to cobble something together. Hopefully my next attempt will be better but I think I learned something at least.

I think I cut the wrong size for the waistband so this is one I cut from some scrap fabric, the original one wouldn't even go all the way around.

The fabric is the same as my suede skirt and I have a small amount left. I'm sorry these aren't pressed so my darts are just embarrassing but this fabric burns like a mother and I couldn't find my ironing cloth! 

The crotch isn't as god awful as I thought it might be, Its pretty low so I guess I won;t have to deal with the camel toe issue which is always a bonus.

The fit on the waist is pretty good to be honest and I like that they skim the bum, I think I might need to loose some length and taper the leg to make them a bit skinnier.

Things I'm going to change next time;

taper the legs. or widen the top of the pattern and switch the darts for box pleats.


do a better mock fly zip.

More subdued colour.

Here's a few close ups of my mock fly zip, not perfect but not a bad try! The overlap also closes with a press stud and cant be seen from the outside.

Okay so its not a grand success but I do now have trousers for pottering around in, these basically feel like pjs so I can see them coming in handy on my off days when I feel like poop but opening the door in a pikichu onesie just isn't an option.

Next up from this pattern is the dress, I think I have the perfect fabric I just need to work the sizing out! 

Much Love



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