Sunday, 1 May 2016

Buffy Quote Embroidery Hoop!

I love Buffy the Vampire slayer, I love the clothes, I love the stories and I REALLY! love Spike.

I also love Angel but I think spikes my favourite.... OMG just googled, Spike and Angel together, Their is some serious photo shopping skills out there!

Anyway apart from the fact that everybody who lives directly above a hellmouth appears to be all kinds of beautiful, I also love that one minute your watching an awesome fight scene and the next Joss Whedon [the writer] hits you with something incredibly poignant and accurate. Like this:  

"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" 

I mean you can't do that Joss! I came here to see awesome fight scenes and crush on Buffys wardrobe! You can't make me FEEL things!

 But it is awesome and definitely worthy of some embroidery action! I also love the speech from the episode "passions" but it's really long!

Anyway its an old hoop, and some scrap fabric and just some simple embroidery cottons from stash. It was a pretty quick project actually I made it whilst waiting for Rikki to come home from his night shift. He thought he might get an early finish like 12.00am, so I waited up and got some stitching done too. [I also watched a film called "her" that was about a guy falling in love with a computer. It got freaky pretty quickly, and by freaky I mean "freaky"]

I decided to make the word Live stand out by doing it in chain stitch, otherwise known as my favourite of all the embroidery stitches!!!

And I tried to do a font kind of thing, but it was hard because I was free handing it!

And yeah, pretty simple, hopefully when we move I might find a little nook to hang this in!

But for now I'll leave you with some pictures of the attractive men from Buffy.

Yes I also harbour love for Xander and Giles, Omg Giles! I bet he knows how to make a cracking brew!

Much Love



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