Saturday, 14 May 2016

#mmmay week 2 round up!

So here's my thoughts on what I've been wearing this week!

Day 8 

Kimono jacket, cannot get over how much I wear this, It works as a casual jacket and a dressed up one! Need to make another!!!!

Day 9

Cami top in Singapore cotton and slouch cardigan! Another winner love this outfit so much!!!

Day 10

scissor print skirt, when I first made this I sorted felt meh about it, which is a shame because I really love this print! But I worse this whilst spending the day with my bestie and my god daughter and I fell back in love with it!

Day 11

Gingham check dress with lace waistband! LOVE THIS DRESS! thats all I really have to say abot this!

Day 12

Ditsy Print shirt, Okay so I love this , BUT I wore it with skinny jeans and my blue trench coat on the way to nursery and caught sight of myself in a shop window and I just looked like such a mum. Like one of those posh mums who only buys organic food, has a cleaner , drives a four by four and is "an absolute monster" if she doesn't get her morning cappuccino!. All in all Its just not my style, so in an effort to wear it more often Im going to try and make a nice youthful skirt to go with it, in like a blue or a pink!

Day 13

Brown suede wrap skirt, Love this! felt like a looked pretty awesome, first wear since I made it!

Day 14

Singapore Print Cotton dress, love this also its first wear, its been waiting for summer so its nice to wear it!

So I'm two weeks in and going strong! this is usually where it all falls apart!

Much Love




  1. I can't really see your lovely makes very well Frankie 'cos of the mirror image. Would love to see just a plain, normal picture. I'm sure you couldn't possible look like one of those mummies if you tried. That Singaport print dress looks good.

    1. Oh no ill try and keep the mirror to a minimal next week x

  2. You did well this week. Can you make the ditsy top have one of those short fronts tapering down to a long back hem - bit more youthful maybe? My third week is going to be a struggle too, I have an extra days work so that is usually my making time. Jo x

    1. It already has a dipped hem, Im thinking if I wear it with shorts it might look better!


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