Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool Cape

So this is a very simple cape pattern that came from the "sew everything workshop" book [I know they just made capes on the sewing bee but I promise I made this before they made them!] 

Its my first garment from the book and its a really simple pattern, there's only three pattern pieces, and although there's a lining its applied in a really simple way so its not confusing! I really like that its lined and that there's small vents to put your hand through. 

This make has been on the cards since I saw the vintage cape my mum had brought and then lo and behold I'm given this book and there's cape pattern in it! 

The fabric is a great wool from abakhan fabrics and the lining is just some plain poly stuff that I had in my stash.

I didn't really try and pattern match it too careful instead I just lined up the print when the fabric was folded and tried to place the hem at the same point for cutting. 

The buttons are from an old river island coat that I brought when I was sixteen. There's not a lot I can say about that coat apart from it was in the sale and it was hands down one of the best coats I have ever owned. 

All of my button holes went in first time so no complaints there!

The instructions call for you to hem the coat using your machine and then place ribbon on top of the hem to hid it nicely. Instead I hemmed mine by hand so It would be invisible and then added lace on top to make sure it looked super pretty. I'm pretty sure the lace was my grandmas!

The arm vents are slip stitched by hand so there's a good amount of hand finishing on this cape, which I don't mind as I find it very therapeutic.

So if I make it again what changes will I make?

well I'm thinking I'd like my next effort to be in a colour? Maybe a nice jewel tone like red or purple or blue? Id like the add a hood of some sort and some patch pockets. I'd do the button holes as bound button holes and I'm feeling like some faux fur trim would look all kinds of awesome!

But I really like this one, I'm so pleased it picked a neutral colour palette because it goes with everything in my wardrobe and its nice to have another smart jacket type thing for when I go out.

Much Love




  1. Your cape is gorgeous, love the finishing touch with the lace on the hem, so pretty!

    1. Thankyou, I think the ribbon is a really nice touch in the pattern x


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