Saturday, 7 May 2016

me made may 16 week 1 roundup!

Ive got to say I am loving this years me made may, I'm not sure if its because I took a break from me made the month before or because Ive just got more to wear this year but its going awesome! touch wood!

so here's a quick round up of what Ive worn!

day 1

Panelled Purple suede skirt, I actually ripped the back seam of this bending down awkwardly but its all fixed now.

Day 2 Miette cardigan!

day 3 Pany Print dress!

Day 4 spotty drapey shirt! and an eye infection!

day 5 I killed bambi shirt and an eye infection

Day 6, halloween lilou dress and you guessed it an eye infection! 

day 7 [today!] blue velvet circle skirt and new glasses! eye infection seems to be pretty much gone!!! Yay!

Yes this is my new face, apparently 10 years of wearing contacts has caused some damage to the surface of my eye and I need to take a break for it to heal. Which means glasses all the time. Which led to me having a sulk in the car on the way home. Yes at 23 years old I was having a sulk because I had to have new glasses and I wasn't allowed contacts. 

And heres why;

When I first got glasses it wasn't a problem I only needed them for reading what was on the board, then for watching tv, then for having a conversation with someone more an three feet away.... you get the drift. Truth be told I've got pretty poor eye sight for someone my age, something I'm blaming entirely on genetics [yeah parents its all your fault] 

Now things wern't to bad for lil spectacled frankie until she went to high school at which point I discovered that people , especially teenagers are quite frankly awful. In my 9 years of schooling I have been called everything from a whore to a nerd, to ugly to thick to fat and everything inbetween [I went to an all girls school which you think would help but it didn't, boys fight, girls bitch]

Anyway the one that used to irk me the most was being called speccy, or four eyes, or anything that insinuated that my glasses were a commanding feature of myself as a person. And so due to my hate of glasses I asked my Mum and Dad for contacts and because at the time they were doing everything they could to convince me that going to school was a good idea and not to let the mean girls get to me they let me have them.

Now I don't hate glasses, my best friend wears glasses and looks beautiful, in fact when she doesnt wear then I'm like this isnt your face , put your face back.

But now I think I like glasses on me, I think these fit my face and who I am now, and as rikki quite rightly pointed out during my sulk in the car I'm a grownup now, it's highly unlikely someone in tesco is going to call me speccy at the till. In fact if they do converse with me it'll be to ask me for one of those little dividers that seperate the shopping on the till [what did we do before those? was their really such and epidemic of people paying for other peoples shopping? "thats funny I don't remember picking up a bottle of gin and a cucumber?" said the Nun! STOP LAUGHING MAYBE SHE WANTED TO MAKE A SALAD!]

Anyway I feel like this is going to a weird, heres a hundred ways I was picked on at school, sort of place, and nobody needs to relive my teenage angst of not wanting to go to school because GOD FORBID I had a little meat on my bones and why don't any boys like me!!!

But I just wanted to say this is my new face it has glasses, Its different but I think Im getting used to it.

In other news my sister and brother in law popped around today for some family fun time.

This is my sister learning how to use a walking foot, shes a very neat sewer and has more patience than I do!

And we played musical instruments and they took me and lil man out for dinner, and I ate FAR too much food! But omg the burger was to die for and the ice cream was pretty awesome too! Heads up if your ever cheshire way on the bleeding wolf is the place for food! 

Much Love


and her new glasses 



  1. I love your glasses and I had to have new ones last week too, I look sort of German in mine! That is what Andy says but I think they are an industrious sort of bunch and so am I am happy to go with that! Jo x

  2. It's pretty scary choosing new glasses! I didn't find there was much selection! You 'll have to post a pic in your new ones x


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