Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Top five of 2015 and New Years resolutions

Okay so I'm guessing Christmas is actually over.... And 2015 is nearly over! 

Which means it's time to see what's been popular on the old blog this year! 


Lace and gingham dress - not much to say I still love it! And I get quite a few compliments about it!! 


This is a weird one? It's currently sat in a draw waiting for next Valentine's Day! It's cute I just don't wear it much! 


My mums Mimi blouse!! She made the top five! She's gonna pee her pants! Anyway I guess she likes it? Another has been requested so that's a good sign? I don't think she wears it day to day though just saves it for vintage occasions.


My first ever trousers! I'm surprised they made the top five , mainly because they ended up in the bin! Wrong fabric , wrong colour, wrong style, but a lot of lessons learned ! 


Skyline lilou! This is the dress that received the most hits!! And I still love it, and I always feel fabulous in it!!! 

And so on to resolutions!! 

1: more sewing - pretty standard! 

2: better sewing - I want to improve my finishing and techniques! 

3: better fabric choices - I'm trying to make sure everything I make is something I'll actually wear, which means I have to really look at what clothes and colours I actually wear. 

4: do more knitting - in particular finish my miette cardigan and start more clothing type knits. 

5: keep writing tutorials - I love writing down my ideas and I'm having a lot of fun experimenting

6: bake more - I have aims for once a week but I'll probably forget! 

7: make trousers - actual proper trousers that I can wear. 

8: continue to eat healthy - I've made a really effort this year to find balance with my diet and I'm feeling better because of it. In fact we have a take away a few weeks ago and the grease in it made me feel really rotten. 

9: buy and waste less - just in general really with both clothes and food. We don't throw much away but I'd really like to minimise my impact of the planet. 

10: make another quilt. I LOVE quilting!!! Ideally I'd love to have a quilt in every room !!! And I'd like to keep making them for babies that are about to be born!! 

So yeah that's my year sorted!!! 

In other news! 

I had a lovely Christmas, my handmade gifts went down very well and I received some lovely presents as well. We spent a lot of time with family which was locy and I'm now trying to find room for lil knitwits presents! 

Much love




  1. Looking forward to hearing how you put your resolutions into practice, happy new year!!!!


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