Sunday, 13 December 2015

#sewphotohop roundup

This month I decided to take part in the 12 days of Christmas #sewphotohop on instagram which was hosted by house of pinheiro and some fantastic companies. And I thought I'd do a round up in here for all of those who missed my instagram posts! 

Naturally I missed a couple of days because it me and I'm dopey! I am however going to post my Bonus day later today! I've really enjoyed this one probably because its shorter than some others and because it doesn't lead right up to Christmas day! Thanks again for House of Pinheiro for hosting!

Much Love 



  1. Thanks for putting them up here Frankie. I don't use Instagram so I would have missed them. Lovely photo of your boys. I don't understand the Fun one with the mask!!

    1. Thankyou! I was using power tools so I was having some very extreme crafting fun!!! X


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