Thursday, 17 December 2015

Salt Dough Bowl

I made a double batch of salt dough when I made my pattern weight buttons with the intention of making a bowl, what can I say I had like 5 'Great British pottery throw down' episodes on Tivo and was feeling inspired! It was sort of like when I watched all the episodes of 'The Good Life' and Mr Knitwit caught me trying to buy some chickens on on-line and looking a coops.

Anyway they made the most beautiful bowls and jugs and well all sorts!

Mine on the other hand is actually kind of hideous!

I wanted something very fluid and organic looking but it just looks like Lil Knitwit made it by himself!

I put a candle in it because that was what I intended to use it as.

I mean I'm pleased I tried something new and it was fun drilling the small holes after I had put the bowl in the oven [apart from the salty dust it created] but I dunno I just don't think pottery is my forte.

I dunno maybe I just need proper lessons or a pottery wheel? YES! A pottery wheel would definitely help!!!

And now I need to decided what to do with it? Maybe the bin? Maybe I could put plants in it?

I dunno!

Much Love



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