Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Okay then....

I freaked out my neighbour last week, and I mean freaked out! he caught me dragging bin bags out of our black bin, with rubber gloves on muttering to myself. Naturally he thought I'd put something in the bin with personal information on, like a bank statement or my passport.

Oh No! I lost a knitting pattern, yerp I went through three bin bags searching for a knitting pattern and I still didn't find it! Which means its still in the house somewhere lost.

Let me explain the knitting pattern wasn't mine, I had borrowed it from Mr Knitwits Nan, now if it had been my pattern id have just said screw it but because it was hers I was really upset!

Anyway the worst part was I actually need the pattern so I could finish the hat I was knitting! I'd finished the striping and now I needed to know the decreases.

And because I had to make it up myself it didn't turn out as cute as I would like.

I mean it's still cute but it's just not quite as cute as I would like, I think the only reason I get away with it, is because it's baby sized, and everything looks good baby sized.

It matches the baby booties I made a while ago, It still makes a nice set the hat is just a lil more bunched than I would like.  Plus the hat seems really big? Which got me wondering how big babies heads are? I dunno I just finished the pattern instructions [well apart from at the end!]

I knitted it I the smallest size in case any tiny babies turn up! You know just in case! 

In other news ; Christmas = Tiring 

Much Love 



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