Sunday, 27 December 2015

Embroidered Wolf Cushions!

These were my Mum and Dad Christmas gifts. They go away in their camper van a lot and for some reason [I'm not sure why but there is a story there] they have a wolf on the back spare tyre cover. He even has a name but I can't remember what that is either.

So anyway I thought they might like some cushions to spruce up the inside of the van [I mean there are only so many personal touches you can add]

So here's the one I made for my mum its very floaty and swirly and girly. I tried to stick to the general colour scheme of the van which is turquoise [in fact I also backed them in a teal fabric with leaves on but i forgot to take a pictures]

Its just a basic running stitch but I think it looks really clean and cute. 

I especially like the the eyes and the small details.

This is the one I chose for my dad, basically its a mirror of my mums but I made it more masculine by going for a more geometric style. 

I personally think it looks awesome, you can tell they match but they are not too matchy matchy!

I really like all of the triangle detail and the fact its a little more abstract.

Here they are together, I think they look good but if I were to do it again I'd have them facing opposite ways. 

Oh I love making Christmas presents by hand!!!

Much Love




  1. Very impressive Frankie. I bet they were delighted.You are multi-talented indeed for someone so young. I love lots of crafts too. I embroidered an owl and also an elephant and turned them into pouches for 2 of my girls and made 2 Harris tweed and leather bags, 4 little dresses for grandgirls and tweed and leather soap bags for the men - just a few of the gifts I made this Christmas. It is so nice to create isn't it?

  2. The wolf is called Diefenbaker from the TV series Due South and it's the one on the van because Dad let me choose the wheel cover. The cushions are fantastic we love them a very thoughtful and personnel gift. Love receiving your homemade presents. Your amazing very proud of you.


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