Tuesday, 1 December 2015

#bpsewvember roundup

I thought it might be nice to share all the pictures I took for #bpsewvember on Instagram , that way if you don't follow me on Instagram (why arnt you following me on Instagram? *cries*) or you don't have Instagram then you haven't missed out!

Basically #bpsewvember meant posting a picture based on the daily theme for the whole of November! Turns out I sucked at it as I only have about 20 pictures! So it's also a nice opportunity to fill in the blanks.

Day 6 - slow or fast, I think I sew fast but I can't say I've ever timed myself

Day 10 - view , the view from my sewing space is nothing to write home about.

Day 11 - tools, II used scissors and stuff! 

Day 12 - community, I love the sewing community they are lovely people with great experience and lots of knowledge.

Day 16 - UFO , Ive made a conscious decision to bin my UFOs if it aint working it just aint working! 

Day 20 tried and true, I think my favourite pattern has to be lilou from. Tilly and the buttons, I never get sick of it! 

Day 24 - skill up, making my deer shirt and my coat were both pretty big skill ups.

Day 25 - oh no! I don't really have any oh nos but I do prick my fingers a lot.

Day 27 - detail, I recently added beaded detail to the coat I made.

Day 28 - sewing space , cramped , untidy,  mine? 

Day 29 - confession, sometimes I make an entire garment without ironing! 

Day 30 - next up? A self drafted pinafore dress in suede !

Congratulations if youve made it to the end!!! It's been a pretty picture heavy post!!! 

Thankyou to bimble and pimble for hosting 

Much love Frankie! 

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