Monday, 7 December 2015

The first thing I ever sewed

This is Dolly, and she is the first thing I ever sewed. She made from one of my dads old work shirts and I think is stuffed with bits of shirt as well! I think I made her when I was about 4/5 with help and guidance from my mum.

From what I can remember the face is sewn on using some of the threads from one of those hotel sewing kits.

Its a cracking face isn't it? i really like the wonky eyes adds character!

That and the huge stitches I used to attach the legs!! 

And the fact that I didn't even use a matching colour thread on this arm!

Its kind of weird to think that this is the first thing I made, the first thing that I cut up and sewed together.

Much Love



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  1. I shall expect her to be returned next time I see you she's very precious to me.


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