Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The centre square of my Christmas quilt

I've been toying with the idea of making a Christmas quilt for a few years now. Well last week lil Knitwit was having a full on I'm miserable at the world day so I pulled out all of my Christmas fabric and let him help me decide on a pattern and an idea. I even let him flick through my quilting magazines. anyway after he told me it should definitely have squares and triangles!! Yes squares and triangles!

The fabrics I'm using are a mixture of craft cotton company Christmas patterns and some of my grandmas Christmas fabric! Sadly with some of my grandmas fabric there wasn't enough to go ahead with mine and lil knitwit's original plan. Soooooooo I decided to hand piece a centre square for my quilt using the smaller pieces of fabric and the EPP technique.

Its turned out really cute to say I drafted it onto a piece of regular paper. And it only took a couple of hours, in fact it was one of my quickest projects ever!

Saying that my diamond points don't match up so I think I might appliqué a circle on top because otherwise it will bother me!

I do love how the start shape gives it such a christmassy feel although I think trying to find three wise men in my house would be a push!!!! 

I'm hoping that it will look nice set into the middle of my blanket [when I've actually stitched the rest of the quilt top together!]

Here's the back its a HOT! mess!

Anyway its getting me into the Christmas spirit at least! Ideally I'd love to have it finished for this Christmas eve but I'm not going to put any pressure on myself not when this week is so chaotic anyway.

Much Love




  1. Very nice. I haven't finished the Christmas decorations for this year that I started either so don't beat yourself up. If they take as long as your rug you may inherit one when I die xxx

    1. Thank you mother what a lovely cheerful thought 😂 x


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