Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rope Bowl

I've seen so many beautiful bowls made from fabric covered rope and string online that I just had to try and make my own.

I used scraps from my fabric box and sewed it together by hand I didn't stitch the fabric to the pieces of string I just wrapped them around very tightly. 

The string I used was like the nylon stuff that's in pe bags, I'm not sure why I had so much of it but this seemed like as good as use as any.

The inside is really pretty and I especially like the spiral it makes but the back is a HOT MESS! 

I used one of my favourite soup bowls to mould it around so its pretty small, In fact I'd go as far to say its a pretty useless bowl.

Until I realised I didn't have anywhere to store my button pattern weights! Then I realised its pretty darn perfect!  

Much Love 




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