Saturday, 26 December 2015

Butterfly canvas

I made these canvas for my sister and her husband for Christmas.

From what I can remember of Alevel art they are called a triptych. The idea is that his butterflies are musical and manly and hers of books and lady like. and then because ya know they love each other and stuff they swarm together. 

Know if we can all say awwwwwwwww on the count of three......... 

I also added their initials to personalise them a bit.

I got the idea after seeing something similar in tkmaxx, I thought they'd like it but it cost over £200 and I don't love them that much. 

I think they turned out pretty well, and seen as they have a new house they will have plenty of rooms to choose where to put them.

In fact they should probably just dedicate a whole room of their house to them!

Much Love




  1. There're beautiful & we love them, thank you very much :D xxx

  2. They are beautiful well done your very talented.

  3. You have been so busy!! Another super gift you have made X X


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