Sunday, 20 December 2015

Nativity Mouse Costume

This is actually a pretty pointless post, due to my excitement and lil knitwit having a meltdown and not wanting to do his nursery nativity I didn't get a picture of him at home in his costume.

Naturally I have lots of him during the nativity but I'm not allowed to put them online just in case they have other peoples kids in. Which is pretty understandable but still, now I didnit think I'll have one to share with him online. And by that I mean on here and on Facebook.

But here's the costume anyway.

Its cut down from Mr Knitwits old onesie but I think the only original seam left is the inner leg seam.
I had to put in a new zip and I drafted sleeves and arm holes. You'll have to take my word for it but it fit him pretty well. 

I appliquéd on a lil pink tummy.

I wish i had done the tail a bit smaller but Lil Knitwit had a lot of fun waving it around when he wasn't talking . I also added elastic to the ends of the legs and the sleeves so he wouldn't trip up he looked pretty cute actually.

the ears failed a bit as they kept flopping forwards, however he did have the biggest ears of all of the mice, and they all looked pretty cute. A few of the parents were pretty shocked that I'd made his costume and not just brought one on-line. although we did look and there's not many lil boy mouse costumes out there, instead there's loads of girl mice with tutu options..... because that's how you sex a mouse... you look to see if its wearing a tutu.

As far as nativities go it was AWESOME! it was a huge change from last year where they just sat and sand this year Lil knitwit had lines to learn and he even had to crawl across the 'stage' at one point. it was a really lovely experience and there was no major meltdowns or disasters! Although it was highly amusing to watch one of the angels sing with both of her wings in her mouth and one of the sheep get dragged back across the stage by one leg! 

So yes I'm very proud of lil knitwit for doing his mummy's costume proud! even if he did have a hysterical moment half an hour before! [no seriously I had to leave him in the classroom sobbing hysterically, i have no idea what they did to calm him down but they managed it]

much love




  1. My gr daughter, who was 3 in September practised and practised her songs for their show at nursery but when it came to it she went completely numb and dumb. Poor little mite, she is one of those children who chats and plays at home but as soon as she goes to nursery she goes very quiet. Ah well, next year maybe. Well done to you Lil KW and his costume. Your Mr had a onesie? not recently I hope. 😀

    1. Yes! It was recently! Two Christmases ago from his mum!!!! He's worn it all of twice! And one of those was Christmas Day!!! Xx

  2. Well I won't be buying my son a onesie any time soon, even though he has the figure for it. They look cute on my granddaughters and even my DIL but not a grown man!

    Just catching up on my blogs and I see you have won a giveaway on Stitching Odyssey. Congratulations. It is so funny seeing a name you recognise on a blog post, when there are millions of people in the world and thousands of bloggers and blog post readers, like myself. It makes the world seem so much smaller.


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