Saturday, 5 December 2015

Camping Cushions

I did a LOT of camping when I was younger, and I always had separate camping stuff, different towel, pjs, slippers, toothbrush, sleeping bag , blankets and pillows.
Which is why I made these cushions for my niece and nephew as a Christmas present. I don't know if they'll use them for camping but either way they are pretty cute.

I used a really simple patchwork square design, but I was sooooooo careful choosing my fabrics to make sure they were cohesive.

This is my nieces cushion, I went for really floral pretty fabrics and based my colour choices on the backing fabric I had already chosen.

This owl fabric is by the craft cotton company and its lush! This is the pink colour-way but each of the colour ways are really different and give a different vibe. I also added her initial on the back for a more personal touch. 

My nephews cushion was a bit harder he's becoming quite the young man now so I didn't want to pick fabrics that would translate as babyish in a few months. I kept it pretty simple using polka dots and ginghams in the hopes it would look okay. And I added a slate grey border to make it a bit manly if that makes sense. I actually had different fabrics picked but them I saw some Paul Smith shirts on pinterest which looked fun but grown up at the same time so I used them as my inspiration instead. 

I like that the spots are all different sizes.

I did back it in the owl fabric as well but in a dark blue colour way, I think the darker colour makes it seem more grown up and boyish.

Here they are together, I think they look really cute as a set, maybe I should have made one each for their mum and dad as well? Then they could take one of those over smiley pictures like you always in in camping advertisements. You know the ones where every single family member looks happy and refreshed and like there having the best time ever!!! Not like they've been sat in the car for three hours with bickering kids and full bladders.

And here's the fronts looking kinda matchy but individual as well.

One part of their gift down at least!

Much Love



P.S luckily for me I don't think they read my blog so I can post these before Christmas!!


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