Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nanny Knit

I've heard a rumour that their are Nans out in the world that can't knit..... I know I was shocked too! Luckily for me not only does my own nan knit but Mr Knitwits nan knits as well, In fact I would go as far as to say she's a keen knitter, and that if there were ever a knitting Olympics she would be the team captain.

And luckily for me she's always up for a complicated bit of knitting! I've been lusting after oversized Aran cardigans for ages now! Something I could throw on over pretty dresses in winter so I stay toasty. 

And after a few week of hinting, somebody gave her some Aran wool and her fist thought was of me!!! We had a peruse of some patterns and i chose this one [after we'd weighed all the wool on my kitchen scales and tried to work out if we had enough]

Its got some pretty great details but I don't know what they are called, there's diamond things and and cable thingys and this weird netting kinda look.

Its really pretty!

And boy is it warm I mean seriously this thing makes me sweat! I've actually turned down the heating!!! its lovely and warm for trips in and out of the car and up and down the garden.

I'm not sure how long it took her the knit, I know she had to undo some parts and re-knit them. but I think its been about a month since we first started talking about it and looking at patterns. Either way I'm so glad she knit it for me! Its something I don't think id have ever made for myself! Let alone put the effort into making one for someone else!

Now I just have to worry about washing it! Imagine if I destroy it in my washer!!!!

Much Love



  1. Wash it by hand - don't put it anywhere near the washing machine. Dry it flat and Bob's your uncle it will be fine.

    1. That's brilliant advice tvankyou although I'm not sure where I'll find the space to dry it flat xx

  2. Here is a bit of information about Aran knitting. There is plenty of help out there on t'internet.
    If in doubt, ask your Nan to wash it for you. Just try and keep it away from Little Knitwit and his tomato sauce!


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