Saturday, 2 January 2016

The comfort zone

I'm a huge fan of comfort, I like pillows and blankets, slippers and long lazy days spent in pyjamas. In fact I'd say sometimes I like comfort too much, like the day I took lil knitwits to nursery in my yoga pants and no makeup and everyone asked if I was ill... Or like when I'm sewing and I make the same thing over and over just to be comfortable.

Well this year I've decided to make a special effort to make myself uncomfortable. I'm going to use patterns I've never tried, do things I don't think I could achieve and use fabrics I'm not sure about. 

Luckily for me I won a giveaway on Marie's blog and I'm now in possession of these two fabrics. 

Now don't get me wrong I think they are lovely , but if I were stood in a fabric shop I wouldn't choose them. Which means I have to step outside of the box , or rather my comfort zone! 

I've done it before , I was also lucky enough to win some deer print fabric on Karen's Facebook page and when it arrived it sat on the sideboard whilst I stared at it thinking.... "I might hate this fabric" 

In the end though I decided to use it as a learning curve and made my who shot bambi shirt, which I love, and I mean LOVE!!! In fact it's the only thing I make the effort to iron properly!! 

Which makes me think it's worth taking a walk on the wild side! Before whenever I got a fabric I was unsure of I thought oh I'll just make a lilou dress or a clemence skirt , but now I'm making more educated desicions. 

For the fox print I'm considering a top, maybe with blue lace edging and a boxy sort of style? I might even add sleeves just to be different, but until I have a concrete idea I'm not starting anything.

For the pansy print I'm thinking dress, something with a modest neckline and either a tulip shaped skirt or a pleated one. I did consider a 90's style shift dress but I'm not sure there's enough drape in the fabric, I'll have to check after a prewash. 



Hopefully I'll come up with a solid idea soon! 

What would you make with it? 



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  1. Love the Pansy fabric! Would make a super fifties style skirt/dress? X


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