Monday, 30 November 2015


It's been a busy couple of days here , mainly taken up by making presents, family days and of course the usual tidying and putting up of decorations that surrounds Christmas! 

All in all I've been feeling pretty good apart from I think I'm getting a cold, lil knitwit caught it from nursery , he gave it daddy, daddy gave it me! I'll probably give it back to daddy and we'll probably carry on like that thought Christmas, well at least that's what we did last year.... 

In other news , my new self drafted item is nearly ready and so far I'm chuffed, it's a bit more complex than what I've drafted before and the finish is looking great. 

And my lovely sister have me this magazine yesterday , 

Basically because she has two subscriptions to magazines (mine and hers) the company offered her a free magazine in hopes of getting her hooked on another one! 

She chose crochet because she knows I've been trying to learn and it came with this super cute calendar! 

Which I'm not going to use!! 

I'm going to save it so I can hang some of the pictures as soon as we move and I have my own sewing space! (Please god let it be soon!) 

This ones my favourite ! So yeah I've already been looking at ways I can store things and tbh I'm just looking forward to having my own space! Provided we can get a house with the extra space! If not I'm guessing I'll be dining room bound again! I guess if that happens the least I can hope for is that it's separate to the living room! 

So yeah I'm crying out for space! Especially since loads of stuff has been piled into the dining room because of Christmas! 

It's worth it though when our fireplace looks so Christmassy!!! 

Much love Frankie

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