Monday, 30 June 2014

Once Upon A Time...

There's nothing I like better than burying myself in a good book. When the new Harry Potters came out I sat myself on the sofa and didn't move until I was finished. The first time I read The Great Gatsby I read into the wee hours just to see what happened to Gatsby. When there was the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon I brought all three books one day and had finished all of them the next, I was disappointed but I finished them.
But recently I've been stuck in a bit of a book rut, mainly because pretty much my entire collection of books is currently living in our loft until we can find space, (Mr.Knitwit does not read and therefore does not think that space is necessary, he is wrong, very wrong) I've been reading the same books over and over again, I'm getting to know all of them by heart and was starting to go a bit book crazy. I'm sorry but a good bubble bath is not a good bubble bath unless you have a good book! But I struck lucky, Mr.Knitwit of all people came home with a new book for me, given to him by a friend at work! Which of course required a new bookmark!
I cross stitched this and then backed it with felt, its really cute , but no never again. At least not with the cross stitch fabric I have, its like 1 million holes per inch (this might be a small exaggeration) but yeah it made my eyes hurt and my head hurt and my hands. And it frayed and split and just generally wound me up. But in some good new I'm going to give this away to someone who has more patience and better eyesight! So it wont be wasted.
I wish I had more patience! It's so adorable! And I know so many people who would appreciate them as gifts!!!!
It is cute, must resist , must not try again, will scream.
This is the book Mr.Knitwits work friend gave me, I must admit I was sceptical at first, this isn't really my sort of book, I tend to steer towards the bonnets and bosoms side of things (particularly when they include a certain Mr.Darcy). But I had run out of things to read , so I decided to give it a go, that was yesterday evening and I have about a quarter of the book left to go!
Don't worry I wont tell you how it ends!
Have you read anything good recently?
Much Love



  1. I love this bookmark! - I'm awful for not using bookmarks and just turning down the corners of the pages - oops!

    The Life & Times of Belle

    1. I always have very good intentions when it comes to bookmarks but then usually just forget about them and use post its instead! Cant believe your a corner turner! that's was a ground able offence in my house growing up!


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