Saturday, 21 June 2014

I Love Rock and Roll

I had some great news today! One of my favourite bands, which my brother in law happens to be in! Showed their new album today! It is officially for sale!
The band in question is Hybrid.9 (the link takes you to their Facebook page!) But they also have Twitter @Hybrid_9 
But back to the album, its called "Hidden Inside", Its obviously awesome! but the best bit is!!!! Guess who got to do the album artwork!!!! Lil ol me! I'm so please with how it turned out! I originally did it in red and then lovely brother in law did some tweaking and came up with this awesome spacey palette but inverting to colours!
So far its been a super exciting day! My artwork got put on an album and I finished a pair of baby booties this morning! (boy we just go from one extreme to another here, don't we!)
I'd like the thank the guys from Hybrid.9 for giving me such a great opportunity! And I'm chuffed to bits with how it turned out! Now I just need to blog about my Hybrid.9 t-shirt revamp and I'm sorted! Just got to get it out of the wash first though!
Much Love!
And Rock!


  1. Well done Frankie, the artwork looks great!! :) xx

    1. thank you , I'm so pleased with it and I was very honoured that the boys gave me the opportunity !
      Frankie x


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