Monday, 2 June 2014

Adventure Is Out There!

Its Day 13 of Pinterest Fortnight folks , this is literally the home stretch! And I am so excited about todays make!!!! First I'll show you the inspiration then I'll get to the explaining!
This was my inspiration straight off my Pinterest board! And it come from this lovely little shop on
I love the balloons which got my thinking about one of my favourite movies!
Ever since I was little, I have always been Disney obsessed I pride myself on my Disney knowledge , in fact I don't like the toot my own horn but I once won a game of Disney trivial pursuits in one turn! so TOOT TOOT! Anyway there are three Disney movies that make me cry without fail every time "Bambi", "The Fox and theHound" and "UP!"
UP! Is such a wonderful story of adventure and ever lasting love! But mainly I love it because of the house.
The house floats by balloons! How whimsical is that! Its just so magical , and I'm actually very jealous that my house doesn't float via balloons. Which leads me quite nicely to my make!
My very own UP! house!
 I decided to do the house in quite a simple style so that the buttons would the focus point!
As usual I worked using my Grandmothers embroidery hoop. Although when I was tightening it I did hear a small crack , now I cant find any damage but I'm being twice as careful as usual with it!
I worked on a really lovely linen and all of the buttons are from my stash! It was a really nice opportunity to use up all of the odd buttons I've collected over the years , I tend to use buttons in twos or more. So it was nice to have a good search through!
Lovely bright coloured buttons!
This might actually be one of my favourite makes from Pinterest Fortnight! Now I just need to find a spare five minutes so I can turn this, my tattoo style embroidery, my owl embroidery, and my Darth vader embroidery into cushions so I can put them up for sale in My Etsy Shop!
I cant wait to see all of them as cushions I think they are going to look awesome!
See you tomorrow for the Grand Finale! Lord knows what I'm going to make!
Much Love


  1. Ah I love Up too! Have you seen the amazing Up cake that always seems to pop up on pinterest? It's amazing! Just been having a good read through your blog, great job, wish I was half as good at sewing as you :) xx

    1. Yes! I have I think its based on a cake from the Disney sweets and treats magazine? I once saw a picture on pinterest of a up! birthday party and they had about a million balloons attached to the top of the house! thank you for reading! xxx


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