Tuesday, 3 June 2014

We Are Gathered Here Today.....

It's Day 14 of Pinterest Fortnight! This is the end! It's the last day! And I cannot wait to relax and recover! I've found knitting needles in every room of the house and I have threads stuck to me constantly!
So the last day, now I have to say I was a bit stuck on this one. It needed to be grand and special! After all this is the Grand Finale! Which got me thinking to a Pinterest board that I haven't covered yet, yes its the secret wedding Pinterest board! Yes I have one, you have one! Everyone has one! You just have to admit it!
Now I am engaged so I feel I am perfectly justified in having a wedding Pinterest board, however I know that there is not one thing on that board that Mr Knitwit will like. At all. Not one darn thing! the problem is I'm a dreamer/hippie/punk/crafter/crazy and he's well not? He's very stable and sensible. Well they do say opposites attract!
For example I thought todays make inspired by my love of pinning weddings on Pinterest is adorable! He ummmm doesn't?
Without further ado here it is the Grand Finale!
I made a Bride and Groom owls! Yes I am that person and I had so much fun doing it! I took most of my inspiration from the eighties if I'm perfectly honest! ( gotta love the eighties weddings! all that lace!)
Mr Owl has his very own tux and top hat, as well as a knitted flower and a slightly worried expression, appropriate don't you think?
And of course his own little bow tie!
And well Mrs Owl? She has it all! Feathers, lace, tulle, a veil , beads!
No tacky wedding stone was left unturned!
And she has the wide eyed look of a women that doesn't realise how annoying living with men can be!!!!! Bless her! She'll learn!
Well I suppose that's the end? I've been trying to decide when to do this again and I'm thinking when I reach 1000 pins on my inspiration board. So I'll see you next week (oh I really hope its not reached 1000 by next week!)
Thank you everyone who's been reading and commenting , either on here or privately on Facebook. and for all the people who have retweeted me on twitter! I've had a blast!
Now what am I going to do with all this free time? I'm actually starting to feel naked without a needle of some sort in my hand! Eeeek!
Much Love

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