Sunday, 15 June 2014

They Think Its All Over - It Will Be Soon

World Cup fever has reached the Knitwit household. And as much as I don't mind watching England play , it seems to be on all the time!
But yes I did stay up last night to watch the football, even if I did have to have a small nap at half time (well it was on very late) But I did notice something, usually I'm so distracted by the wacky hairstyles that I miss the rest of the ensemble but I did notice two things:
1. The Italian players t shirts were really very tight (no complaints here)
2. Quite a few of them were wearing mis-matched boots? I'm hoping it was intentional and not like forgetting your P.E kit and having to get something out of the lost property box!
Now either , he's not sure of his left and right and has a different colour on each foot to make it easier, or he's channelling his inner Helena Bonham Carter.
She got slated for wearing odd shoes but I personally think she looked fierce! I kind of hope it was a tribute to the lovely lady herself.
But it did get me thinking about their boots and about the first pair they would have ever worn, I'm guessing they might have been a similar style to these.
These are the smallest booties I've ever made! I'm not even sure what size they are , I'm guessing new-born but its so hard for me to believe that Little Knitwit was ever that dinky! I wonder if the professional footballers mummy's ever thought about the boots their babies would be putting on their feet later in life?
These were knitted yesterday during one of the many football matches that have been gracing my television. I used a lovely pale blue and made twist ties as the closure.
Ooooooh they are so cute and I'm starting to know the pattern by heart, so I think iI'll be whipping up a few more of these during the world cup.
But for those of you who aren't into football here are my world cup survival tips! (and yes Mr.Knitwit is very into his football, he hasn't missed a game yet)
1. Find something to do, I recommend knitting or hand embroidery. I like to spend as much time as possible with Mr.Knitwit in the evenings, so I need something to concentrate on other than the football.
2. Add to your stash , Most likely the other half will be concentrating so hard on telling the ref he's a moron, he realise you've brought another twenty balls of wool or a trolley load of fabric!
3. Get in the spirit! I'm using it as an opportunity to dress the house in some England flags, and dress all of us in matching kit (shameful, I know) Little Knitwit has the full kit, and I have the shirt which I'm styling in a very 50's manner.
4. Pour yourself a glass of vino and relax! Chances are this is the quietest the men/women/teenagers will be for a while, so run and bath and finish that book!
Much Love
And come on ENGLAND!


  1. Ugh I'm so over the football already, but there's only one thing for it... online shopping :) Those little booties are so tiny and cute, much cuter than football boots :) xx

    1. thankyou, im not very good at online shopping i always worry ill buy the wrong size and have to return it x


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