Thursday, 12 June 2014

Vintage Vibes

It's such a beautiful day! So I've got to confess I haven't actually made anything today! Well apart from Lil Knitwits new sandpit!
Well by made, I mean I attached legs. He had loads of fun playing with it though, which surprised me he's not really a child who likes to get dirty.
In other new I was lucky enough to win the Dragonfly Fabrics Giveaway on HandmadeJanes Blog! I might have squealed with joy when this happened and refreshed to page five or six times just to make sure It was actually me that won!
For anybody who doesn't know HandmadeJane  is a dressmaking blog with a definite vintage feel. Its been a favourite blog of mine for a while but I've only just started following because I now have blogger! (Before it was bookmarked on my phone! So behind with the times!)  It's a really beautiful honest blog ( I love a good honest blog, no one is perfect all the time) With lovely fabrics and patterns! And she often does tutorials and information on the more difficult parts of dressing making! And she knows how to do a full bust adjustment! And coming from a family of BUSTY (And I mean BUSTY) ladies I appreciate the worth of a good full bust adjustment!
Anyway as soon as I've decided what I'm getting I'll let you have a little looksee! Although looking at the dragonfly website I will be spoilt for choice! And as soon as I've actually made something with it you'll be the first to know! 
It's been to hot to do anything! so I've been doing some knitting! Yes its another cowl BUT its a different pattern and has a distinctly vintage vibe about it!
I'm loving the contrast between the chunky wool and the fluffy wool! Incidentally these wools are both from my goody bag given to me by Mr.Knitwits Nanny! Feeling a bit spoilt this week, Beautiful weather, Knitting patterns, Wool and Fabric!
Also loving the pearly buttons! In between the two knitted strips is a piece of lace which I applied by hand!
We also have a new twitter button! I'm pretty new to twitter so feel free to tweet me!
Much Love
And Sunshine!

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