Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What Came First The Owl Or The Cowl?

Hello Campers! I finally got round to finishing of some projects and adding to my Etsy shop again!

And the Two projects from today have been made using to same wool! Ooooooh interesting!

First of all we have another......Cowl! Yes I know your sick of the sight of them, but I haven't quite run out of ideas yet and I'm making them for the craft fair in September!

Its been made using this wool, that I wrote about here I decided to use my diamond pattern again and used green buttons as accents! These button don't actually do anything, they just look pretty! And everybody knows how hard looking pretty is! Don't they!

And then I also made this bad boy which is currently for sale in my Etsy Shop! Which you can visit by clicking on the banner at the side of this blog or on THIS link! (See aren't I lovely? two whole links!)  

This is one is a doorstop owl! And features the same wool!

Two little felt feet for waddling!

He's larger than my usual owls and measures roughly 10inches.

I am in LOVE with this colour scheme! Bit sad its not valentines day really, I could have given him heart eyes! I actually think he looks like a sort of kitsch art deco-ish piece! (Deco-ish is definitely a word, I'm sure of it!)

Incidentally if you do happen to order something for me, this is what it looks like when you receive it (minus the box obvs!)

This was a custom order for a friend and what's inside is a surprise! Hence no pictures but I'm sure I'll be able to blog about it as soon as its received!

I feel like I've been super productive today!

Much Love

And surprising amounts of energy!



P.S  For anyone who's still wondering about the title question? The Owl of course! Owls always come first in this house!

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