Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Gotta Catch Em All!

Sometimes I do something impulsive and immature. In fact I do a lot of things impulsively or immaturely and sometimes I do both. I think it makes me adorable, a lil crazy but definitely adorable! 
Anyway if there one thing I love its Pokemon, well not Pokemon . Just Pikachu.
And if you don't fins his adorable then I'm sorry but you might not have a soul!
So one morning I decided (probably in an exhausted haze of creativity) to remake a purse.
This purse is actually from the same place as my moustache bag. I think when things are cheap I just buy buy buy. Oh well at least I'm getting use out of them!
I have used it a handful of times since buying it, but it always seemed a bit grown up for me. Plus I already have a good beige bag and a good brown bag and to be honest I don't actually wear that must brown in my wardrobe anyway.
I started by painted it white, I should have sprayed it but the exhausted haze of creativity waits for no man, or spray can.
Top tip: if you do ever up cycle a purse, stuff it with rags or news paper makes it so much easier to paint.
 After a while I also cut of the strap this was going to be a very special purse and I didn't want to spoil it by hiding it under my arm.
I ended up doing about four coats of paint , and then...... Pikachu happened!
I've been lusting after Pikachu accessories on Pinterest for so long now! I just had to have something!
I just used standard acrylic paint for the colour, I did use felt tips at first and although the colour stayed put I didn't like that it was so wishy washy colour wise! Anime/Manga artwork always pops!
I had a little more room to play around with on the back so I really went to town!
And in my opinion it turned out a lil better than the front, I think I might be carrying this clutch around backwards!
Love the Pokeball, doesn't it kind of remind you of the art deco era?
I'm definitely getting into the unusual purse frame of mind! I'm starting to get quite the collection of unusual bags! I have my American number plate bag, my moustache bag (up cycled by me), my coffin bag and now my Pikachu bag (Up cycled by me)
So do it love it? - Ummmmmmm YES!!!! It's fun and free and fancy! And so young!
Is it practical? - Ha! Probably not! The colours might fade/run, but by the time I've worn it out I think I might be a little bit to mature for it! (that or I'll just make a new one!)
Can I get away with it? - I dunno? I suppose that just depends on the opinions of the person looking at me, but will I care? No definitely not!
Ever made/worn something crazy? That the rest of the world probably hated?
Much Love



  1. Wow Frankie - you've done such an amazing DIY job on this! I love it!

    The Life & Times of Belle

    1. Thank you I'm getting there! there's always a million and one things I would change about every project!


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