Saturday, 28 June 2014

Horrible Weather

The weather is horrible, really darn horrible. I've got slippers on and I've turned the heating on. It's suppose to be summer!!!! Where did all the lovely sunshine go? And to make it even worse, it made these scarves really hard to photograph. So you'll have to take my word for it when I say they are really lovely! But the photographs might not show their beauty very much!
An absolute brute to photograph I was nearly screaming at the end.
It's a basic scarf with a buckle fastening detail , and the wool is one of the ones kindly given to me by Mr.Knitwits nanny.
This particular wool has a gradual colour change so within this scarf I had shades of green, blue, orange, red, brown and violet.
It has a beautiful drape, really stunning, and can be worn done up or undone!
It was such a lovely wool to knit it, I found making this project very relaxing! I just wish I'd found taking the pictures as easy!
After I made this one, I immediately cast on another one, using the same wool and needle size.
Because of the colour change in the wool this scarf is completely different, this one is a more muted colour palette with lots of autumn tones!
I added a buckle to this one to incidentally , both of the buckles were given to me by my nan. One is a faux tortoiseshell and the other is faux mother of pearl. At a guess I'd say there fairly old? But I'm not sure if they'd be classed as vintage just yet!
Secretly I think this one might be my favourite! the colour palette is a little bit more my style!
I love these scarves, and I'm going to cast on a shawl to use up the rest of the wool very soon!
Perfect wardrobe additions to the horrible weather were having today.
Much Love


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