Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Lot Of Cleaning, A Whinge and Some Yarn!

Its been a long day today, I ended up cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. It all started when the tumble dryer broke, I had to drag it out and to be perfectly honest it was darn filthy behind there! God knows how it gets that way, but at least its clean now! It had to be cleaned seen as the repair man is coming to take a look at it next week, and I definitely don't want him seeing my cob webby pantry. A girls pantry is a very private place!
Which brings me to my whinge, being without my tumble dryer is like being without an arm. Yes I know what some of you are thinking, It's beautifully sunny in England at the moment! Why aren't you pegging your washing out on the line. Well I am! I just hate doing it! I like to have my dryer as back up in case of emergency! I know washing lines have been used for years but they are so unreliable! Never once has my tumble dryer only decided to dry half my washing! (leaving the other half damp!), not once has my dryer allowed a bird to poop on my lovely clean washing! And I never have to run outside and grab all of my carefully washed and pegged out washing just because its started to rain with my dryer! Mr dryer takes all of these problems in his stride! And he has the common courtesy to bash the clothes around enough that they don't even need ironing! EVERYTHING needs ironing when it comes off a washing line! Sadly though my dryer is expensive to run, and good weather is free although not frequent! So I shall soldier on doing my little bit for planet earth.
Well that's my little whinge over and done with know I can tell you the good part of today! Due to the cleaning i ended up sorting out the black hole that is my wardrobe! And this time I resolved to ditch any t-shirts with holes in! Well when I say ditch I mean , turn into t-shirt yarn!
I've been wanting to make t-shirt yarn for ages but never seemed to get around to it. This is two vest tops and one long sleeved tops worth of yarn, but I think I'm going to need some more for the project I have in mind!
There's hundreds of tutorials put there on the internet for how to make t-shirt yarn, if you want to make your own. I was that excited I didn't even have chance to photography making it! I used very thin t-shirts though, and cut strips of about 1cm (some tutorials recommend strips of about an inch but it looked to bulky for me!
 I already know what its going to become! A nice little outdoor mat for my back door. Something we can rest muddy shoes on, and something I can stand on to water my hanging basket! I could have just brought one, but it probably wouldn't be as bright as this. And I can throw this away guilt free if it gets to grotty because I didn't spend a penny on it!
Love making recycled projects!
Much Love


  1. Your mat is going to be GORGEOUS!

    1. i know i cant wait till its finished and i can put it out! x thankyou for reading! x


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