Sunday, 29 June 2014

Its Amazing What You Find

For some reason, I seem to have been having a massive tidy up at the minute. There's been a lot of sorting and a lot of chucking.
I'm not really one for tidying, if I'm knitting or sewing I don't really see mess. And if I'm painting I'm usually making it! There seems to be a lot of cleaning inspiration on my Pinterest feed at the moment, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? most of them are fairly optimistic to be honest they seem to think that I only need to clean my living room once a week? Do they not realise what one week of Little Knitwit mess looks like? It looks like a bombsite that's what.

But anyway,  during my cleaning I found this, it was hidden at the back of a drawer gathering dust. I vaguely remember starting this about 3 years ago, at about 3 in the morning? Actually that works out because I'd have been pregnant and I don't remember doing at lot of sleeping at night when I was pregnant! Crying, eating, screaming and being unreasonable. Yes, but sleep? No.

So apparently whilst pregnant, sleep deprived, and most probably crying/eating (or in some very stressful occasions both at the same time) I decided to stich the Virgin Mary. Well they do say pregnant women do strange things.

Another piece that could do with a good iron. Yet another hint from the universe that I should be doing more housework.

 There's some great stitches on it though. This might be the neatest chain stitch I have ever done.

Now I just need to decide whether or not to finish it. I'm in two minds at the moment.
In other news I've added a few more rows to my t-shirt yarn doormat. Its looking super duper.
I feel like there's going to be a lot of blue, considering Little Knitwit is the only one that's growing out of his clothes at the moment.
I've got so much more to do on it though, I guess for the moment I'll just have to keep going till I run out of t-shirt yarn. At least the knitting will give me plenty of time to mull over the Virgin Mary embroidery.
Much Love

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