Thursday, 19 June 2014

Finishes and Fabric

It's definitely been a good couple of days I finished my Bird Embroidery all I had to do was sew the branch in, I went for more of a free form style, because when I try and draw branches and trees they always look a little fake, so I free styled and it ended up looking more natural!
Definitely pleased with how it turned out! It's pretty girly for me, but I've been trying to change things up a little bit.
It was nice to do a mixture of different stitches and to alternate between complete blocks of colour and more liner areas.
 It's already sat in a pile waiting with my other embroidery projects to be turned into a cushions.
And a package has been delivered to a customer, Via the official Knitwits Delivery person ( AKA my momma!)
It was a custom order for a friend who's daughter loves ORANGE! It's a doorstop and it's the package that I blogged about here! 
I also received a very special delivery today from Mr. Postman! My Dragonfly Fabrics arrived from the competition I won on Handmade Jane's blog!
It was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper but I might of ahem, ripped it off as soon as a realised what it was before I had chance to take a picture!
But it was wrapped up in a ribbon which made me swoon even more! And as an added bonus FREE ribbon! Ooft!
I got 60cm so its the perfect amount to make myself a cute little summer skirt!
And then I also chose a white cotton embroidered flower fabric in white, which I can't find on the website now! Hope I didn't steal it all!
I got 2.5m in this because I already have a pattern in mind for it! from my sew your own wardrobe book! It will need a lining underneath though, so that will be a bit of a challenge.
But I really hope I've got enough left to make some other treats!
I'd like to thank Jane and Dragonfly fabrics again for an AWESOME giveaway!
Today has been an awesome day so far! Hope you guys have a lovely day as well!
Much Love


  1. My pleasure! Looking forward to seeing your finished makes! x

    1. thankyou! i cant wait to start! must remember to NOT use my winging it method x

  2. Those fabrics look lovely, looking forward to seeing what you make with them :) xx

    1. Im in love with both of them I can't wait to start! although I almost wish id got more of the butterfly fabric then I could have made myself a co-ordinated outfit like you wrote on your blog!


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