Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Catch Up!

It's Day nothing! Pinterest fortnight is officially over! And it was quite a relief going to bed last night and not having to worry about what I was going to make today! It also means I can catch you up on everything that's been going on! Not that there's been a lot!

First of all my new hanging basket is out! YAY! Mr Knitwits Nan was nice enough to offer to do me one again this year and as usual its absolutely beautiful! Is it a bit sad that I think my house actually looks a bit classier with hanging baskets? Luckily she seems to do something to them so they don't die immediately! I'm notoriously un green fingered and everything I touch tends to wither away but these hanging baskets never do!

Next I took the huge task of sorting out my wool drawer. This is long over due, when we got our new bed with storage drawers I just seemed to throw the entire contents of all my wool baskets into it immediately without sorting, resulting in a huge spaghetti mess! But I've started to tackle it head on, not only am I tidying it, I'm also re winding all of my wool into balls! Here's what I've done so far!

All that winding seemed like a good idea at the time! But now my arm hurts and I cant seem to see the end!

It did give me a chance to find to find some hidden gems though and to take stock of what I've got, (a hell of a lot of blue that's what!)

So until the drawer is fully empty they are sat in the corner of the bedroom!

I'm glad I started though mainly because I prefer working with wool like this, for starters I can easily see how much I have and weather or not I have roughly the same amount as another ball, also I seem to get in less of a tangle with my wool like this, but I'm unsure why!

After the wool is sorted, I have this to work on.

You know how many sewers can't bear to throw away scraps of fabric? Well I can't throw away scraps of wool either!!! I think its the make do and mend in me that or the compulsive hoarder! Once all the wool has been re wound I'm going to start sorting this out, in the hopes I can get some lovely owls made for the craft fair I'm doing in September!

Speaking of the craft fair in September I got these made during pinterest fornight inbetween other projects!

I'm loving cowls at the moment, especially seen as the British weather is being so unpredictable. I tried a new colour way for me, pink and white, it reminds me of eating candy floss at fun fairs ! and I branched out and tried making up a new pattern! I quite like the diamonds. They look super girly!

I also got to use lots of lovely shiny buttons as embellishment! Can't beat a good button!

And then I made another plaited cowl, similar to here. This one turned out just as lovely as my first attempt and I'm defiately going to get making these for the craft fair!

More buttons eeek!

 Terrible hair day today! Silly weathers making it poufy!

That's it really lots of tidying and finding of hidden treasures, I'm hoping to get my sewing machine out next week for a good long run! But before that I'll need to cut all the pieces for the things I need to sew, urgh.

Hope your having a lovely day!

Much Love



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