Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pretty In Pink

Its refashion time again! I was reading a lovely little blog called eat sleep breathe fashion which happens to be written by my lovely and talented cousin Miss Sadie K, and she was talking about the amount of co-ordinating trends this summer.
Photo Credit eat sleep breathe fashion
 This is a style I love! But I've always been terrified of looking like something out of an eighties movie. You know what I mean , flowered skirt, flowered skirt, big hair, bubble gum, Molly Ringwald. I digress.
But anyway I decided to have a quick look in my wardrobe to see if their was anything I could tweak.
And I found this.
I'm not sure when I brought this, or what drugs I had been given, but all I can say is, it makes me look about 6 months pregnant, apparently the puffy under the bust skirt is not my friend!
The dress was originally from miso, and although I love the fabric and the fully lined skirt, I was not loving how it looked on me. So I changed it up a little bit.
NOTE;  Please give yourself some time to prepare yourself for some VERY awkwardly posed pictures taken by momma Knitwit. (Who only just learnt how to use an SLR camera today) (and kept making me giggle)
 I basically cut the skirt away from the lining but left it attached to the top. Sewed some lace around all the over locked edges on the top, and turned the skirt piece into an actual skirt using elastic! Oh elastic that's very eighties isn't it!
 (I know I am rubbish at explaining what I do, it's basically, cut, swear, pray, sew, cheer)
 Here's the back, (still working on that focus with momma) it originally had straight straps but I decided to cross them because one had broken anyway!
Wack on a belt and heels and I'm good to go.
Here's just the top, and yes I do know it looks like a nightie untucked but if Madonna can rock it so can I! The shorts are also a refashion, they used to be my sisters jeans and were cut down the summer my mum decided my sister needed to get her legs out more.
And this is the skirt as a separate, paired with my very old Ethel Austin top. I actually think I like it best styled like this, but either way its definitely more wearable now it doesn't make me look like I'm expecting baby number two!
But what have this project taught me:
  1. Current fashion trends, can be achieved at home , without the hefty price tag.
  2. If I could crop my legs at the knee in real life I'd be much happier
  3. My mother should not be let near technology
  4. Don't bin anything
  5. And as much as it pains me to admit it, I would not win Americas next top model with my dazzling modelling talents!.
Much Love


  1. Hi its a great make over even if my photos leave alot to be desired.

    1. thankyou!youll get the hang of it soon! x

  2. Aw you did a great job! Wish I had the talent to do this with some of my old dresses, I'm determined to one day learn to use a sewing machine properly! :) xx

    1. you should come up our way and ill show you how! its surprising how easy it is to do! and to be honest most of the top was done using hand sewing! x


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