Thursday, 26 June 2014

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste.....

It's not very often my dad asks something of me. In fact I can't really think of many times he's asked me to do something crafty for him. Most of his repairs are usually done by my mum, so I was quite surprised when he asked me to do this project for him.
because I tell you about the project, let me tell you a few things about my dad.
  • He's incredibly hardworking, and always made sure me and my siblings had everything we wanted or needed (and bearing in mind one of us is musical, one of us is engineery and one of us is crafty. that must have been quite a lot of wants and needs)
  • He loves music, I've you tubed music videos for him, and watched him listen to music on his HUGE headphones many times.
  • he is the sole reason I know all the words to perfect day (its originally by Lou Reed, but he used to play a charity version with lots of different artists)
  • he's very sentimental, but probably wouldn't admit it. he still has things I've made for him, and I think that why he asked me to do this project for him.
When I was very young, my Dad and Sister went to see the Rolling Stones with some of their friends. And my dad came back with a t-shirt. 15 years later It's finally give up the ghost, it was stained and stretched from years of wear. But Dad wasn't ready to give up on Mick and the boys just yet.
So he brought a new t-shirt and asked me to sew the design of the old t-shirt onto the new one so he could keep it! T o be honest it probably reminds him of a lovely day with my sister, but he wouldn't admit that. He'll probably just say its because he really loves that top.
Now there's very few things I don't like doing, but one of them is repairs and the other is sewing stretch fabrics! But after years of him giving me everything I wanted how could I refuse this little favour.
I used more pins than I have ever done in my life and actually tested my stitch length before I started sewing which I hardly ever do. I basically appliqued the entire panel and then stitched around each box to give it some stability. And I'm pleased with the results, its fairly flats and their are not any huge puckers or pleats! Even though I had to cut and re stitch the side seams to get the panel flat. 
Here's me with mick and the boys but it definitely looks better on Daddy! I wonder if I'll be reapplying it in another 15 years?
On the plus side its also provided me with some more t-shirt yarn!
Much Love

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