Friday, 20 June 2014

Wise Words

I like to surround myself with words of inspiration, I have a quote from steve jobs written in the inside of my knitwits file and a quote about following my dreams at the bottom of the stairs as well as all of the words of wisdom that family and friends have passed onto me throughout the years.

Grandad - "If you use what you have got, you will not need what you have not"

Momma - "You are never over dressed, everyone else is simply under dressed!"

I think quotes are a great source of inspiration, and where the starting point of todays embroidery came from.
Little Knitwit was lucky enough to receive a book of Dr Seuss stories for his christening off his Uncle, Auntie and cousins and although they do leave me panting for breath the illustrations are gorgeous! I love the whimsical style!
I chose my favourite character, the cat in the hat and started by blocking him in black thread.
And then I added some colour based on the illustrations.
I love the little goldfish! in the story he's so sensible!
I also added my favourite Dr Seuss quote
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr Seuss
It was so much fun to do this one, especially seen as I got to read it to Little Knitwit in between stitching!
In other news I made shortbread today ( don't ask, it was terrible! Last time I use that recipe) , and I made flap jack with Little Knitwit (would have been better if he didn't insist on eating most of the mixture!)
And I've started a new pair of booties for a very very special Mummy to be and her bump! Now I just need to finish them off!
And then I can start a new embroidery project! I'm thinking Winnie the Pooh next! Who's your favourite childhood character?
Much Love


  1. That's really lovely Frankie. Simple but stunning.

  2. thankyou i really enjoyed doing it! me and little knitwit are loving dr seuss at the moment x


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